As you all know from my previous post that i went to Baguio City for a training and after that i went immediately south for a family trip to Masbate. So this is going to be the chapter one of the my travel book this year.


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So, went to Baguio City last April 10-11 for the Breakthrough Leadership Training (BLT). This training really helped me a lot to see the perspectives of leadership and learned new techniques and understanding about my members. So glad that this training is free as well and my expenses are paid by my local church. This training is not also just applicable for the church organization but also in my personal corporate life.

Enjoying the burnham park with fellow churchmates from other UMC churches in Luzon.

The whole BLT Trainees and Trainers for 2015

Attended the Ilocano service on the church, Cant understand and my nose really bled!

it's also communion sunday, so glad that i have attended. Learned that though
UMC is connectional churches, there are just different ways of  communion
 patterns in receiving and attending the bread and wine.

Never really expect that God would take me to places that i've never been, meet new people, without paying for anything, yet i learn as well. I'm also eyeing that Zambales trip, for a reach-out ministry for the aetas in the coming months, hopefully i could also exchange in it.

For more of my pictures, kindly click the link below:
*BLT-Baguio 2015