Filipino culture has that close-family ties, and moving out from your parents' house is a no-no especially if you are a fave child. However, as adult, i think at some point in your life, you should try living alone. Also, due to some circumstances, moving out is necessary. From my personal experience, these are the 3 major factors that you should consider before moving out from your parents' safe haven. 

1. Emotional status - If you have a close relationship with your family or home town friends, this is one of the things that you should consider. Living somewhere else, even if you visit your home town sometime on weekends, would still kill you emotionally. Living alone is also like going to another country, with new people, place culture and environment. If you live in a dorm, apartment or share a studio type apartment with friends, you would still miss your family and friends back there. By living alone with strange people, you would appreciate every single moments that you live with them, those times that you shouted at them or laughed hard with them would make you realize things.  There's nothing really like a family bond or home town-overnight hangout friendly stuffs, so if you consider moving somewhere far, be ready for emotional separation anxiety in the beginning, we call it #sepanks. 

2. Financial - This is one of the serious challenge for grown-up folks---finances. You no longer live with your parents right? You're independent, by that, you are responsible for yourself, my friends, that includes your finances. From a personal experience, i live alone to save money due to the cost that i incur for monthly expenses in travelling versus living somewhere near in my workplace. Finances also means responsibility in budgeting for your daily allowance, food, transportation, basic needs and sometimes a little reward for yourself. My advice is save (1), do not spend beyond your means (2) and be practical and identify your needs vs, wants (3). So whatever it is that you do to your money, always be responsible, never let other people save you from your money and debt problems, if you can't simply manage your finances, well, better check if you can really live independently.

3. Maturity - Yes, you should be! Maturity is in relation with those two points, emotions and finance with of course accountability and responsibility. Living alone means you are responsible for everything that happens to you and your routine. You maybe prepared emotionally or you have money to spend, but remember, managing your finances is maturity when you are spending it wisely. Be responsible because you have moved out and you are living independently, you therefore should be a grown up about the way you act and speak in your community. You should also be responsible for your laundry, your place (clean it atleast for God's sake), your waste, everything that happens around your apartment, your workplace , your health (consider running and exercising), and your society. Just simply be pro-active, that's the sense of being a matured grown-up man and woman.

Truly, living alone might cut you at the beginning because there's a lot of adjustments when it comes to your "new" stuffs. However, living alone would teach you a lot of life lessons. You live alone now and independent, means that you are ready for the world. You would realize that life is full of responsibility, sacrifices (imagine how your parents sacrifice on their younger days right?),  curiosity, challenges, fun and possibilities, try not to stumble on things, try to fight, be pro-active and most of all, seize every opportunity as you face the world as a grown-up person. Not all grown-ups are grown-up, show to the world that you are really ready for it!

Years ago, blogging was full of tagged awards and i'm surprise that sometime lately, it came back again and two bloggers nominated me for an award, thanks to michelle and patti. This award is called LIEBSTER.

"The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. So, what is a liebster? the meaning: liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. Isn’t that sweet? Blogging is about building a community and it’s a great way to connect with other bloggers and help spread the word about newer bloggers/blogs.”
(sourced from patti,

The Rules of the Award:
1. Thank the person who nominated you with a link back to his/her blog.
2.Answer the questions given to you by the nominator.
3.Nominate (and notify) other bloggers for the award that have fewer than 500 followers.
4. Create 11 questions (or less) for your nominees.
5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.
6. Display the Liebster Award logo on your page. List these rules on your post.
(sourced from michelle,

These are the answers from the questions that given upon nomination:
(from michelle) 

  1.  If you could, would you join a girl or boy band? The Beatles. 
  2.  If you choose any language to speak fluently, which one and why? Russian, when i watched "a good day to die hard"i fell in love with the language. I love saving a lot of "V" and "Z", they sound hard. 
  3. If you suddenly were driving and you came across a duck and her ducklings, would you drive around or watch them? Drive them around if they let me. 
  4. Would you be willing to cut your hair if something happened like gum falling into it? NO! i've waited years to achieve this Rapunzel-like hair! Hell to the no! 
  5. Do you believe in love? Love at first sight? Yes, but not in the first sight. 
  6. Do you wanna go surfing if given the chance? of course, i love sea. 
  7. If you suddenly lost your voice and had a chance to speak like anyone, who would you speak as? Nothing in particular but at least someone that is Russian. haha. 
  8. If your life became a musical, what would the title and opening number be called? "I Lived: The Musical", opening song is "I lived" by One Republic. 
  9. If you could have swell dance moves or an awesome singing ability, which would it be? I sing already, so, dancing! yess!
  10. Who would you love to meet, dead or alive? Why? The Beatles and John Lennon, because i'm making a post about them, so i need to freaking talk to them! hahaha. 
  11. Do you love anything particular at the moment, like music or movies? Of course, The Beatles! hahahaha. Why we have no Beatles at this age? 

 (from Patti)

  1. What is the first thing that you think of when you see the color red? A wall. I love red walls. 
  2. You’re given an hour to talk to your favorite person. What would you like to talk about? His faith, his belief about God, music and how two affects the other (i'm talking about John Lennon and the Beatles.) 
  3. In relation to number 2, how will you dress up, even if it’s just for an hour? A simple dress at home, we'll be talking it over coffee. 
  4. Years ago, blogging was full of tagged awards and i'm surprise that sometime lately, it's came back again and two bloggers nominated me for an award, thanks to michelle and patti. This award is called LIEBSTER.
  5. Chill at the beach or climb a mountain? I'm been chilling at the beaches lately, so i'll climb mountain this time. 
  6. Who is your favorite movie animal and why? Groot? i personally love OLAF, can you consider them? haha. 
  7. Give an anagram of your name. What particular song makes you happy regardless of how many times you listen to it? NEST. (exluding V and other E). I lived by One Republic. 
  8. How do you politely decline an invitation?  "That's actually a great offer, but for now that's not my priority". 
  9. What is a favorite accessory or thing that you cannot leave the house without? My personal Bible, i feel safe whenever i have it. 
  10. What does your last text message say? "si Rj to". 
  11. Lewis Carroll asked “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” Provide your answers or insights in relation to it. "What the hell, are we talking about the three-eyed raven and Bran Stark of Game of Thrones?"
These are the bloggers that i nominate: 
Mary. Mun. Froi. Jhanz. Milton. Mr_Jeng,

Here are my questions that you need to answer: 
1.What is the most nasty thing you did and said while you dine with someone?
2. What's the craziest thing you did while you're on a public place?
3. If you're a superhero, what is the power that you'll choose from the following: SPEED: WORM CRAWLING, LICK:  SUPER LONG TONGUE, FLY: MOSQUITO WINGS.
4. What will you choose, zombie apocalypse or end of the world?
5. Choose what you like to pet: Crocodile, 15 ft. long Anaconda, Vulture, Piranha.
6. Action movie or horror movie while riding a horror themed speed train.
7. If you're gonna die later, what will you do, who will you say sorry to and what type of death would you want?
8. Talk to God in 1 hour, what are your 3 questions?

Happy Blogging! 

Sometime in April, i decided to leave my job and seek new opportunities because i felt like my priorities won't fit my job any more. After i travelled from a week off on my job, i already left the company even if there's no job waiting for me. That time, i felt confident that i will be landing a job sometime in May or before June at least.

Weeks have passed and my confidence lost as i have tried my very best to apply for companies along the metro, most of them told me that i am forwarded for the next phase of the process, however, they did not call.

At that time, i am also transitioning on to some stuffs and tasks and organizations, so i felt like everything is in chaos in my life. I have no job, i have not even figured out what's my next move and i have a tendency of just settling for what to come in first in my life, even if it's not the best.

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."
-Deuteronomy 31:6
That's exactly the message God gave me. That exactly is. From that time in May to June, i have cried a lot to God, asked Him to show me His faithfulness, His great power, His embrace and love and all His might to make me feel comforted--------and He did!. 

Sometime in June, Ingram Micro Philippines invited me for a job post in their company, this is a dream company, mind you!. Went there, had an interview and exam on Thursday, on that same day they told me that i passed the exam and on that same day, they asked me to come back at the office for the final interview at 11:00pm, i did. The following day, Friday, they said that i got the job and on that same day, i signed the contract. Monday, the following week, i started.

All these happened in just two days! During those times for my application in IM, i prayed and fast. 

  • God is faithful all the time. 
  • God is powerful, comforter. 
  • God is constant. 
  • God forgives, accepts and just. 
  • God's timing is perfect, His time table is way different from ours, His' is the best!. 
During those times of my struggle, this is the song that's on my play list, the total reminder of His faithfulness. 

"So faithful, so constant, so loving and so true.... I know that You are for me, I know that You will never forsake me in my weaknesses"
- You are for me, Kari Jobe. 

You maybe have a battle right now, i also known few friends who fought giant battles sometime few months ago, just like me, they won their battles as well. Be constant in praying, God will surely answer those in His right timing, be patient!. 

This post is personally dedicted to my girls: Regene (for passing the LET Board exam) and Gen (for your internship and [still] studies), who battled and now living their dreams. 

What if you were given a million dollar gift on your 7th birthday? That money should be used until you reach your 18th birthday. You can use the money to whatever you want to use it. The money is freely given to you on that birthday. You were entrusted to have it early and not to spend it until the right time comes. 

While waiting, you got tired and impatient. Since you have the money already, you decided to spend it, after all, you will be spending it anyway right? why not spend it now? 

Your 18th birthday came. No one showed up, no one even remembered that special day of yours. You're all messed up. You remember those years when you have a lot of friends travelling, shopping, drinking and partying with you, now, you have nothing, not even a single centavo. You regret the things that you've done. You should have not spent that gift early. It actually didn't make you happy, it just gave you fake friends, fake happiness, fake life, you gave it all the way but now, you can't give something any more, because it's all gone and spent. 

The money that is mentioned on that story symbolizes sex. It is given freely to us since the day we're born. God entrusted us to keep that gift until marriage, only reserved to someone special who deserves it. If we spend that gift to someone who's not worthy of it, the value gets lessen. Everytime we use and spend it, we lose it over and over again. 

"As a Christ follower, I could honestly say that sex (copulation) is a sacred blessing given to married couples. An engagement to such stands as a covenant in order for sons and daughters to multiply - more people means more souls to be reached out, more worshippers, more witnesses for Christ, more Christ disciples. Sex is so sacred that if placed out of context and out of God's grace, can be so harmful as it will compromise the promise of God to us in having an everlasting life."
- Ericson G. Guinto, Professor and church leader. 

"But because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband."
-1 Corinthians 7:2 
Let us be reminded that sex is only given to married couples. Sex outside marriage is a disrespect to yourself, to your partner [or future partner] and to God. Make yourself pure from sexual immorality [like pornography, polygamy and same-sex activities], Honor your body for it is a temple of the Holy spirit. 
"For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honor, not in the passion of lust like the Gentiles who do not know God;"
-1 Thessalonian 4: 3-5
 "Sex can never be equated to pornography because in the first place it is not how God designed it - a total distortion of a beautiful creation of God. Sex is sacred for two people become one through a covenant they made to God; a communion, a commitment to be faithful to one another. It is extremely opposite the way it should be in pornography - a deception that will lead you to degrade a woman because of just sexual selfish desires."
-Ephraim Termulo, Church Youth Leader/Freelance Software Engineer, 

Let us flee ourselves from sexual immorality by choosing God's light everyday, and that is His word. Let us enjoy sex that's inside marriage. Sex is a gift that should not be opened at the wrong time and wrong motives. Just like wine, the more we wait for it, the more it will taste good. 
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